I owe you one

I promised to answer the question in my last blogpost after my holiday.
But I have to owe you this one. I am still reading the book, so I can´t give an answer to why visitor involvement is important and who says so?

The book starts out interesting, Falk describes all major research in the field of visitor participation in museums from the early 1980’s. Falk notices a shift in the way people use their spare time. In the twentieth century many people were working very hard for their basic needs, and free time was meant to do nothing, kick back and relax. As the economy was getting better and work was getting less about manual labor and more about using the brain, free time was no longer only used to do nothing, but to take part in physical and intellectual activities.

Visiting museums is a great way to do this, according to Falk. More about his theories and the book in a next post.
In the mean time, relax and enjoy your free time!


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