Seminar Acces2CA

Access to Contemporary Art Conservation is a sub-project within the two-year European project PRACTICs (2009-2011).

It is generally known that the public is interested in stories of the making of art. There are many examples of well-liked movies on ‘the artist at work’. The Inside Installations exhibition in Kröller-Müller Museum in 2006-07 was successful; in the national press in The Netherlands it was even in the top-five of most appreciated exhibitions of the year. This sub-project will establish a relationship with diverse public target groups in matters of conservation-presentation, guide museum visitors through interesting questions of conservation-presentation and increase public appreciation of contemporary art.

Museums are increasingly aware that visitors not only want to look at art, but also want to participate in museum exhibitions and (conservation) projects. A simple way of allowing museum visitors participate is via surveys and interviews. These interviews can be held person-to-person, but also at the end of a digital museum tour. Another way to involve the public in art and conservation practices is through the Internet.

How do relatively small museums use museum tours to educate, amuse and let their visitors participate? What did they learn from creating these tours? And what other initiatives are there in order to involve the public in art and in conservation issues?

I will try to answer these questions by discussing four cases from the Netherlands -The IPod Touch tour at the Glass Museum, The IPod touch artists movies at Museum Jan Cunen, the Guide ID tour in the Bonnefanten Museum and the participatory project “Help wandkunst opsporen/ Help locating wall art”-
in a presentation during this seminar on the 10th of December.


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