Brain storm

Sometimes it just takes two to tango.
Talking with other people about your ideas and plans can help a lot in getting it right.

Art is my passion, but not my only interest. During my studies I worked at an institution for High school students. The teens would come after school to do their school assignments and get help with studying for tests and writing papers.
Some of these teens were doing really great in school and just wanted to keep their grades up, others needed the extra help and attention to pass their exams. A third group consisted of children with learning or behavioral problems. They couldn´t concentrate because of a form of autism or ADHD.
Note that these children were in regular high schools and did not need special education. They just needed some extra time and explanation.

I noticed that mathematical formulas were no problem for most autistic children, but as soon as the math problem was illustrated with a picture or a story it would become a whole other thing. The (sometimes lack of) empathic ability in these children meant they had trouble with subjects as history and art. They could not imagine why or how things had happened a hundred years ago, or had trouble understanding what a painter meant with his artwork. `If he had painted a tree, he just wanted to paint a tree, without any symbolic meaning, right?´

I am no expert in Autism but always wondered how the brain of people with this ´disorder´ processes art. Is it simply ´what you see is what you get´ or doesn´t autism have to be a problem in understanding art, or even making art?

A good friend of mine is a teacher at an elementary school for children with language and speaking difficulties and/or behavioral problems. She knows more about this subject and we planned to do some research on the relation between art and autism in children. We both believe that these two can go together.

Our first mission is to find artists who suffered from autism.

If artists with autism excist, are they working in the same way as artist without autism, or do they have a special method or view on what they produce?

After this the research will focus on the way art is perceived by autistic children.

Any help or suggestion is welcome!


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